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Crazar was a female wolf-like Fearcat, who was thought to have been killed in the same cave-in that Mig caused to kill Tyzonn's teammates and fiancé Vella long ago. Tyzonn stated that she was "worse than Mig and Benglo", and she showed a sadistic delight in tormenting him over Vella's apparent demise.Actually, Vella is alive; Crazar had somehow placed her in Moltor's custody, and had developed the ability to replicate the Mercurian's form, seemingly just to use it against Tyzonn. She also had the power to create highly realistic illusions.

Upon arriving on Earth she teamed up with Mig and Benglo and helped them obtain the Octavian Chalice. During her fight with the DualDrive Megazord, Tyzonn had attempted to destroy her completely with an ancient Mercurian spell. It failed and Crazar resurfaced. She impersonated Tyzonn's fiancé Vella and created an illusion of Mercuria, trying to convince Tyzonn that everything since the cave-in had been a dream so he'd be kept out of the way of the other Fearcats. Crazar's cover was eventually and unintentionally blown by Spencer and she was destroyed for good in a vicious battle against Tyzonn.

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